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Model Building Byelaws Model Building Byelaws

Model Building Byelaws, 2016

Building Bye-Laws are legal tools used to regulate coverage, height, building bulk, and architectural design and construction aspects of buildings so as to achieve orderly development of an area. They are mandatory in nature and serve to protect buildings against fire, earthquake, noise, structural failures and other hazards. In India, there are still many small and medium sized towns which do not have building bye-laws and in the absence of any regulatory mechanism, such towns are confronted with excessive coverage, encroachment and haphazard development resulting in chaotic conditions, inconvenience for the users, and disregard for building aesthetics, etc. It is in this context, TCPO has made an effort to prepare “Model Building Bye-Laws- 2016” for the guidance of the State Governments, Urban Local Bodies, Urban Development Authorities, etc which is an improvement over the previous Model Building Bye Laws brought out in 2004.