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Air quality and local area Planning Air quality and local area Planning

Air Quality and Planning in Local Authorities

In the UK Local Authorities have a statutory responsibility for the management of local air quality, including the requirement to regularly review and assess ambient air quality standards and objectives as prescribed by national regulation. Many guidelines and tools have been developed to promote best practice in the way these responsibilities are carried out. However, the type and severity of air quality issues varies widely across the UK. 

Likewise, the lack of resources and expertise available to those who work in Local Authorities makes air quality and planning considerations a high concern. This responsibility is under review, with the Government initially indicating a preferrence for removing local authority duties altogether.

IES members working for Local Authorities have expressed concern that air quality is not considered during development planning. In 2013 the IES sent a survey to every UK Local Authority. This report sumarises those responses. This report follows the Air quality and Planning law technical note published by the IES in 2013, 129 reponses were received from Local Authorities across Britain.