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Bulk waste generator Bulk waste generator

Bulk Solid Waste Generators

Bulk generators contribute substantial amount of waste-nearly 30-40% of the daily waste. According to the Solid Waste Management Rules 2016, Bulk Waste Generators are responsible for managing their own waste. Municipalities have to identify different bulk generators in accordance as defined in SWM Rules 2016. The rules mandate effective waste management by bulk waste generators and empower ULBs to ensure compliance with SWM Rules 2016. The comply with the rules, ULBs are required to identify the bulk waste generators, prepare and notify byelaws, impose user fees and penalties, handhold bulk generators for implementation and ensuring compliances with various duties as mentioned in the rules. The process could be cumbersome for ULBs without a guide book for compliance by bulk generators. To simplify the process, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs is releasing this guide book which provides step by step advice on various steps that need to be followed by ULBs. The guide also presents model documents which can be referred and used by ULBs in the process of Bulk Generator compliance.