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User Guide for India’s 2047 Energy Calculator: Telecom Sector

With 951.34 million subscribers as on March 20121, Indian telecom market is the second largest and fastest growing telecom sector in the world and is projected to overtake China. The telecom industry has attracted eight per cent of the cumulative foreign direct investment (FDI) over the past two years. Wireless telecommunication has the major share (96.6%)2 in Indian telecom sector. Over 4,00,000 telecom towers form the backbone of the wireless telecom sector in India. The mobile subscriber base is expected to hit one billion by 2013-14 which would require more than 1,00,000 additionally towers to support this capacity. Operation of these telecom towers requires electrical energy which accounts for a significant share of the operational cost of these towers.

India Energy Scenarios, 2047 gives the user an opportunity to explore the energy trends of the telecom sector under four different scenarios (level 1 to level 4), particularly with a view to replace diesel with cleaner fuels