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Dewats in urban Dewats in urban
Dewats Brochure Dewats Brochure

DEWATS for a high density urban gated community

The relatively large area or footprint required to implement Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems (DEWATS) is a severe constraint on its adoption in urban contexts. The several benefits of DEWATS™ – low energy use, low maintenance, robustness, and easy operation – were outweighed by the value placed on urban land. This case study describes an innovative solution called ‘Vortex’ that reduces the space required for DEWATS™ by 70%. It documents how a 730 KLD DEWATS™-Vortex was implemented at VBHC - an affordable housing development company - and is benefiting it's residents enjoy an improved physical environment. This is the first instance of a large housing complex implementing DEWATS™ in India