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low carbon development in India low carbon development in India

Low Carbon Development in China and India: Issues and Strategies

With the recognition on the importance of partnership and collaboration to tackle climate change, the project on Low Carbon Development for China and India seeks to understand learnings on options, barriers and success stories on implementability of policies and programmes promoting low carbon development in China and India.

Based on an understanding of similarities and differences between China and India, in 2012, The Energy and Resources Institute of India (TERI), National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Co-operation, Central University of Finance and Economics and Zhejiang University launched one of the first collaborative efforts between research institutes in China and India on low carbon development. The intended outcome of the project is supporting policy development by facilitating south-south cooperation, creating relevant knowledge and building capacities.

This publication is an output of this collaborative effort on low carbon development for China and India, focusing on three main themes important for operationalizing low carbon development, including: technology and innovation policy, financing, and informing sub-national actions.