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Flood Disaster in India Flood Disaster in India

Flood Disaster in India: An Analysis of trend and Preparedness

Flood has been considered as one of the most recurring and frequent disaster in the world. Due to recurrent prevalence, the economic loss and life damage caused by the flood has put more burdens on economy than any other natural disaster. India also has continuously suffered by many flood events which claimed huge loss of life and economy. It has been found that the incidences of the flood are increasing very rapidly. Causes can be climate change, cloud bursting, tsunami or poor river management, silting etc. but devastation is increasing both in terms of lives and economies. Disaster management in India has very organised and structures programmes and policies but administration and implementation of these programs demand more efficiency. In last decade, flood damages more lives and economy than any other disasters. This paper is an analysis of the trend and preparedness of flood in India. Data from CRED has been used to analyse the trend of flood and other disasters in last ten years and damaged caused by these events.