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Skill an construction Skill an construction

Human Resource and Skill requirements in Construction Material and Building Hardware Sector (2013-17), (2017-22)

Minister of State launched the Human Resource and Skill Requirement reports across 24 sectors in India which will serve as the baseline for all skill development initiatives being planned across the country. The idea behind the Skill Gap Studies is to understand which sectors are likely to face the biggest gaps. He said, it is imperative for us to plan the skilling of future workforce of India on the basis of these reports.

According to the report on Construction material, despite its significance in the growth of construction industry in India, the bricks making sector has received very less attention in terms of Policy actions and Development initiatives. Some of the major initiatives that resulted in shifting the sector from a large polluting sector to a less polluting sector by mandating up-gradation of brick klin firing technologies from moving chimney bull trench kilns to fixed chimney bull trench kilns.

Key Challenges for Construction sector

  • Mismatch exists predominantly amongst entry-level through to mid-management level
  • This is largely due to the mismatch in the pace of mechanisation and technology upgradation against pace of
  • training
  • Pace of training is not in line with degree of mechanization and technological up-gradation. This mismatch will
  • create a skill gap in entry- through mid-management levels
  • Most of the entry level training entails 3-5 years of on the job experience of different segments of the cement plant before being industry-ready
  • Besides captive training facilities set up by select large players, there are limited training facilities and limited classroom inputs
  • The human resource strategy is to enhance skilling of existing labour force through industry training facilities
  • There is a skills premium for trained workforce, however the numbers as on date are highly limited