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NUHM Capacity Building NUHM Capacity Building

Capacity Development Framework for Strengthening Implementation of National Urban Health Mission

The National Urban Health Mission aims to improve the health status of the urban population with a special focus on the urban poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable population. Providing healthcare to such vulnerable and disadvantaged groups is ridden with complexities because of their limited access to even basic services such as housing, livelihood, water supply, sanitation, education and nutrition, which have an adverse impact on their health, either directly or indirectly.

Therefore, it is evident that urban health issues are distinct and Unique and require new skills and capacities in analysing the complex urban scenario, assessing the differential health needs and innovating novel context-specific solutions. To achieve this, we need to build managerial, technical and public health competencies among the health program, medical and paramedical staff, ULBs functionaries, community health workers, RKS members, and all stakeholders and functionaries of other related departments.

The Framework systematically guides the role and type of orientation required for each of these categories. this document will help not only the state NUHM officials but also the various departments involved in delivering the services to the urban population in comprehensive understanding of various activities and type of capacity development required for each stakeholder. This Framework will enable people working on programs to have a greater capacity to address health challenges and I encourage the States/UTs to adapt the Framework to their setting to maximise health investments and multiply health gains.