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Nurition for children Nurition for children

Children, Food security and nutrition, MDG - F Thematic Study: Review of Key Findings and Achievements

The Children, Food Security and Nutrition (CFSN) group of MDG supported programs to halt preventable deaths caused by child hunger and poor nutrition. CFSN allocated US$134.5 million through 24 Joint Programs (JPs) in 4 regions - Africa, Asia & Pacific, Europe and Central Asia, and Latin America and Caribbean and represents almost 20% of the Fund’s work. The purpose of the JPs in the 24 countries was to improve the health, nutritional and education status of the poor and vulnerable households keeping in view the United Nations Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF) outcomes. The projects supported activities to strengthen policies and programs and demonstrate successful pilots that would provide a direct and sustainable impact on national progress towards MDG 1, and 4. The project funds proposed to leverage government funds to expand their outreach, and improve coverage and quality


The scope of this report is to consolidate the design and progress to capture the main achievements in the 24 (JPs) through a literature review. A detailed Bibliography is attached. The main documents reviewed comprised project Fact Sheets, JP documents, Mid-Term Evaluations (MTEs), and Final Reports, Project Monitoring Reports, and other generic global and country specific documents. Feedback from country teams was also sought. The recommendations in this review are based on the findings and the researcher’s analysis and understanding of the global issues of malnutrition.