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SCP Karimnagar SCP Karimnagar
Karimnagar Annexure Karimnagar Annexure

Smart City Challenge Round 3: Smart City Proposal Karimnagar

Strategic focus and the blueprint of the city for its development has been formulated based on a systematic process of Assessment of existing status, Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and future direction of the services, views from citizen engagement and findings from SWOT analysis. Five Strategic focus areas and Strategic directions for Karimnagar to become livable, sustainable and inclusive are:

  1. Fostering a vibrant economy with employment and livelihood opportunities for all while enabling karimnagar to develop into a trade, and commercial hub of telangana
  2. Integrated life spaces with focus on pristine and sustainable environment with a vibrant cultural life karimnagar
  3. Improved transit orientation for seamless mobility, in order to meet the growing demand for transport services owing to the city's urban growth and development
  4. Universal Access To Best-In-Class Civic Services,Karimnagar Shall Focus On Providing Universal Access To All Services In An Affordable And Efficient Manner As Per The Benchmarks;