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Indicators for Child Friendly Cities Indicators for Child Friendly Cities

Indicators for Child friendly Local Development: I-CHILD

This document provides indicators to assess the gaps in India’s urban policy and implementation towards child development with special emphasis on the realm of urban planning and local development. In this context, the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) is currently executing The Child-Friendly Smart Cities (CFSC) initiative. This initiative aims to promote planning and development of child-friendly smart cities in India (NIUA, 2015). NIUA has appointed Ecorys India Pvt Ltd to prepare Indicators for CHIld-friendly Local Development (I-CHILD).

The objective of this document is three-fold: First, to create a clear data typology under which various child-friendly indicators can be categorised. Second, to develop new and collate existing data indicators under the above typologies that can capture the dynamic state of Indian cities with regard to child friendliness. Third, to give descriptive knowledge on how those indicators could be used by cities in India to assess the gaps with respect to children/ their status in planning/ designing cities.