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HR Policy Guidelined HR Policy Guidelined

Guideline for framing Human Resource (HR) Policy for the Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) under Smart Cities Mission

The purpose of this Policy Manual is to lay down broad human resource policies and their implementation plan that guide people management in << Name of SPV >>and compliance with various laws and help establish and maintain consistent HR practices in the workplace. These policies and procedures provide guidelines on recruitment to separation of employees, employer-employee relationships, compensation and benefits, work schedules, health and safety measures, performance evaluation of employees, training and development and others. This Policy Manual is expected to serve as a ―guide‖ to all employees in their engagement with the << Name of SPV >>.The purpose of these policies and procedures is also to provide reference material for supervisors and senior management in relation to employment matters in the organization, which streamlines the workflow in an organization. The HR policies and procedures that are clearly written and comply with relevant laws and regulations mitigate legal risks involved in people management and protect the organisation from incurring corporate liability and employee lawsuits.