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Energy efiicieny for INDC Energy efiicieny for INDC

A Report on Energy Efficiency and Energy Mix in the Indian Energy System (2030) Using India Energy Security Scenarios, 2047

India is at an evolving stage in its growth story. A viable energy strategy is critical for sustaining this growth. In this era of global cooperation, as India works towards initiating and intensifying preparations of its Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) for the COP21 in Paris, inputs of an energy model, which captures an integrated picture of its energy scenario, can give the best estimate of the Government’s assessment of energy use.

The India Energy Security Scenarios (IESS), 2047, developed by NITI Aayog (erstwhile Planning Commission) is one such tool. The IESS, 2047 is an open source, energy scenario building tool which generates energy demand and supply scenarios for India leading up to the year 2047. The end demand and supply numbers are generated in light of adoption of different combinations of energy efficiency measures and technology interventions on the demand side, and an increase in indigenous resource production of the country on the supply side. Hence, this tool combines technology and energy security in equal measure. The present Report incorporates inputs from Ministry of Power, Bureau of Energy Efficiency and Central Electricity Authority, and aggregates the results to generate macro and micro projections which are presented in this Report. This submission responds to the request of the Ministry of Power for the aforementioned projections which have been developed by an analysis of the energy sector of India as a whole. It is understood that the same are to be posed to MoEFF&CC for their analysis. The results herein aim to serve as a common input base to facilitate the projections of India’s INDCs.