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Developmental Impacts and Sustainable Governance Aspects of Renewable Energy Projects

Renewable Energy (RE) solves the sustainability problem associated with conventional fuels used for power generation as these sources are non-exhaustible and relatively clean. Further, RE is also an economical off-grid energy solution for remote locations. The 11th Five Year Plan realized the significant role of new and renewable energy to enhance the domestic energy supply options as well as the need to diversify energy sources. The 12th Five Year plan’s strategy aims to develop the RE sector through capacity addition in wind power, small hydro power, solar power, and bio-power. Thus the RE space in the country is going to witness a large number of RE projects in coming years. Due to the RE impetus an increase in the development of medium to high density wind and solar farms in India is expected. In this scenario it becomes important and necessary to revisit the impacts of RE projects in the neighborhood where these projects are coming up. Thus, this study is commissioned by MNRE to assess the environmental and socio-economic impacts of RE projects in India, particularly from solar PV and on-shore wind farms.