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Compendium of Solar Energy Success stories Compendium of Solar Energy Success stories

Compendium of Global Success Stories in Solar Energy by Yes Bank

ISA aims to leverage the power of Government and Country level coalitions to foster strategic relations and promote meaningful dialogues. focus area under ISA includes sharing of best practices and successful case studies, which are realistic, replicable and scalable. Diffusing the key learning on new technologies, innovative financing mechanisms and business models, enabling policy frameworks would promote knowledge sharing and encourage more countries to step forward and replicate the best practices in their own countries.

The compendium is a collation of case studies from different geographies highlighting the challenges faced, breakthrough solutions, project outcomes and the learning from project implementation. Each case attempts to bring out the distinguishing feature of the project, which has the potential of being replicable and scalable across the geographies with comparable conditions. The report has been prepared through a combination of primary and secondary research. The case studies included are put together in consultation with the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) along with feedbacks and suggestions from some of the ISA member countries through surveys, personal interaction and telephonic interviews. It is indeed a step in the right direction and will go a long way in guiding the member countries to replicate some of the best practices adopted globally, while taking into consideration their individual constraints.