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Advisory on Disability friendly infrastructure Advisory on Disability friendly infrastructure

Advisory No. 11: Strategy for ensuring Universal Access IT systems to empower citizens with disability to access these systems with ease

The objective of Smart Cities Mission (SCM) is to improve the quality of life of citizens living in cities in an inclusive way. Hence it is imperative that all the projects taken up under the Area Based Development and Pan city Smart Solutions should be disabled friendly. Many cities have included disabled friendly features in the RfPs while implementing the infrastructure projects. The disabled friendly features should also be included while taking up the Pan city Smart Solutions such as Integrated Command and Control Centres. All Smart Cities must ensure such features while conceptualizing and implementing the Integrated Command and Control Centre projects.One of the examples is the Integrated Command and Control project being implemented by Naya Raipur Smart City. Some of the important features of the projects are as under.
• All smart city initiatives to have mandatory inclusion of digital accessibility
implementation guidelines.
• New Portals/ web sites/ mobile app/ internal application system to have
digital accessibility inclusion
• Incorporating accessibility into design phase of new engagement where the
citizen centric and internal users is high.
• Mandatory insertions of accessibility requirements specifications while
designing DRPs and preparation of RFP for new software procurement system
• Formulating Accessibility requirements while designing new web portal /
mobile apps for government client
• Incorporating accessibility may lead in service differentiator for smart cities
among all the states in India.
• Build accessibility into designing workflow / system processes.
• Visually impaired people can listen to the websites to use them
• People with color blindness can distinguish content using different colors
• Hearing impaired person can read the video
• People with changing abilities due to aging can use resources easily
• People with motor disabilities can use aids or tools which can help them using
• People with cognitive difficulties can understand better with the help of
assistive technologies