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Training Modules for Urban Local Bodies Training Modules for Urban Local Bodies

Urban Climate Change Resilience: Training Modules for Urban Local Bodies

National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA) has been working on a project on urban climate change resilience funded by The Rockefeller Foundation under the ACCCRN program. As a part of the project, Training Modules were peepared to sensitize the Municipal Officials on Climate Change and its impacts on urban services like water supply, sanitation, drainage, urban form and health. The training module also suggests the possible adaptation measures. This document has been created as a set of four training modules:

1. DEFINITIONS: This module provides a glossary of key terms important to understand in the relation of Urban Climate Change

2.URBANIZATION AND CLIMATE CHANGE: This module focuses on: understanding the bidirectional relationship of urbanisation and climate change; developing an understanding of direct and indirecct impacts of climate change; and, comprehending risks of climate change in urban area and reviews trends at global, national and local levels. 

3.MAINSTREAMING CLIMATE CHANGE ADAPTATION (CCA) AND URBAN CLIMATE CHANGE RESILIENCE (UCCR) INTO CITY PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT: This module is aimed at getting participants to understand and mainstream climate change adaptation/ resilience into urban development and planning. The module addresses the sector specific impacts of climate change and what adaptation measures can be taken to deal with the impacts.

4. UCCR IN PRACTICE: This module gives examples of ACCCRN cities which have taken initiatives to build resilience to climate change in their cities.