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Whitepaper on Digital Learning Market in India Whitepaper on Digital Learning Market in India

Whitepaper on Digital Learning Market in India

Over the past decade, online and technology-driven education have increasingly dominated educational discourse by circumventing the challenges of classroom-based education, be it cost, accessibility, time or convenience factors. Students are now able to increase their skill-set by opting for courses taught by the best professors and universities in the world.

Apart from students, working professionals are another primary target group for digital learning companies. In the current fast-paced and competitive corporate environment in India, online certifications have been gaining popularity over the last few years. Be it in the IT industry, BPOs, KPOs or even start-ups, constant enhancement of skills is the expected standard. While for most professionals, online certifications are a job requirement, corporate employees are increasingly opting for online courses on their own so as to “stay ahead of the curve”.

Digital learning and online certifications open up a gamut of options for students looking to enter both traditional and non-traditional fields. This paper outlines a variety of different drivers and delivery models for students, opportunities and challenges for online education service providers, and emerging trends for the future, keeping in mind current skill gaps and imminent advances in the field of digital learning.

This whitepaper has been created by Technopak, in partnership with Simplilearn, as a basis of reference on the global and Indian digital learning landscape, and in particular, the potential bottlenecks and opportunities for online certifications in India.