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TRAI open wifi TRAI open wifi

Public Open Wi-Fi Pilot

Mission for WANI

The vision of this initiative is to establish an Open Architecture based Wi-Fi Access Network Interface (WANI), such that;

1. Any entity (company, proprietorship, societies, non-profits, etc.) should easily be able to setup a paid public Wi-Fi Access Point.

2. Users should be able to easily discover WANI compliant SSIDs, do one click authentication and payment, and connect one or more devices in single session.

3. The experience for a small entrepreneur to purchase, self-register, set-up and operate a PDO must be simple, low-touch and maintenance-free.

4. The products available for consumption should begin from “sachet-sized”, i.e. low denominations ranging from INR 2 to INR 20, etc.

5. Providers (PDO provider, Access Point hardware/software, user authentication and KYC provider, and payment provider) are unbundled to eliminate silos and closed systems. This allows multiple parties in the ecosystem to come together and enable large scale adoption.