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Action Plan for MSW Management Action Plan for MSW Management

Action Plan for management of Municipal Solid Waste (Draft)

It has been a fact that cities and towns are littered with garbage (MSW) and giving ugly look at many places in the city / town. Only important locations of a city or towns are maintained and leaving many other places chocking with uncollected waste. The collected waste is disposed on un-attended land-fills and it is almost long-way to go to ensure that entire waste collected by a city or town is processed and only remnants is disposed through landfill. Infect, remnants classifying as “inert / non-recyclable has to be converted into other useable product so to have vision and mission of ‘Zero’ land filling achieved. Drawing of time – targeted action plan for management of MSW by each city and town in utmost essential need otherwise, increasing quantities of waste and not having required waste processing and disposal facilities will create un-healthy environmental conditions.