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Series 1: COVID War Room – Scaling up BBMP model

Besides bringing focus on Urban Health, COVID has also brought to the fore the important role that ULBs can play in each city fighting COVID. One of the tools used extensively in this period has been technology. COVID aside, the role of technology in undeniable in today’s world, more in City Administration. Be it technology innovation in water supply, citizen service delivery, environmental sensors, smart devices.

Technology is all around us and it only helps us serve our citizens better, transparently, effectively and more importantly with speed. Hence, to keep abreast with latest technological innovations, a series of Webinars (Tech Clinic) are being curated to provide the first-hand glimpse of Technology innovation and Smart Solutions to the responsible city administrators. The webinars will cover innovations in key urban sub-sectors (water, mobility, energy, citizen services, waste management), introduce the audience to the new-age technologies that are finding their way into our lives (AI, ML, IoT). These webinars will be a great learning platform for the stakeholders.