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 PPP Guide for Practitioners PPP Guide for Practitioners

PPP Guide for Practitioners

India has over two decades of experience in Public Private Partnerships (PPP), with PPPs being tried, tested and implemented across various sectors such as urban, transport, social, industrial and so on. Projects being developed through PPPs in sectors like roads and ports have been taken up through programmatic approach and the Government is looking forward to upscale urban and social sectors through programmatic approach. Developing projects through PPPs requires multi-disciplinary experience (in the field of law, finance, commerce, market research, technology, designing, etc.) among the public entities. Practitioners of PPPs within the Government at its different tiers across the country usually lack the competence and skill set to conceptualise, structure and implement projects. This PPP Guide for Practitioners would serve as a manual for practitioners to develop projects through appropriate PPP frameworks. The PPP Guide is divided into 17 modules for ease of reference and better readability. Each module discusses a certain stage or concept in the PPP project development process.