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Smart City Proposal Belagavi Smart City Proposal Belagavi
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The Smart City Challenge Stage 2: Smart City Proposal Belagavi

Belagavi, a thousand year old city with a rich heritage and a mosaic of different communities has a vision of an "inclusive, livable, culturally vibrant city emerging as an eminent destination for health, education, ancillary industry and logistics sectors".    (HEAL City).

The idea (for the Area Based Development) is to decentralize the inner city area and create commercial corridor and new growth centres with mixed land use with economically viable model also ensuring preserving rich cultural heritage and promoting sustainable environment. The area selected is backbone of the city and axis of future development. It also aids development of extension areas adjoining this central spine as new activities/economic growth centers. ABD enables comprehensive development, through retrofitting strategies of smart city including central transportation hub, location of offices, employment centers, civic centers and enhances connectivity between north and south Belagavi.

There are two main proposals considered for Pan City:

1. ICT enablement and e-governance

2. Urban mobility with ICT enabled Intelligent Traffic and Transportation system.