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Septage Management Guide Septage Management Guide

Septage Management Guide for Local Governments

This manual contains information pertaining to the following key components of a comprehensive septage management program:

  1. Septic Tank Design and Construction. Regulatory oversight and considerations for the design, installation and use of septic tanks including a model ordinance template.
  2. Procedures for Septic Tank Pumping and Septage Transportation. Best practices for transporting the septage once it is removed from the tank.
  3. Recordkeeping and Reporting. Mechanisms such as manifests, receipts, and other records.
  4. Septage Treatment and Disposal. Rules that prescribe the septage treatment and disposal requirements.
  5. Full Cost Recovery. Mechanisms that provide for full cost recovery of infrastructure, staff, and operational expenses for the program.
  6. Social Marketing. Selling the concept of improving sanitation to the people.

Additionally, this document includes a series of sample forms and a model septage ordinance that can be used by local governments as templates for crafting and customizing their own septage management programs.