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ICT plan Nairobi ICT plan Nairobi

The Kenya National ICT Masterplan

Access to information is crucial for socio-economic growth. Information and communication technology (ICT) offers a powerful tool that, if deployed equitably, can ensure citizens are empowered and Government can deliver services more effciently, effectively and in a transparent and accountable manner. Information is vital for the effcient delivery of public and private sector products and services that are responsive to the needs of citizens and businesses and key for capacity creation. for a variety of reasons, Kenya has not in the past taken advantage of the great potential of ICTs to stimulate socio-economic growth and development. The potential of ICTs has been greater than the development outcomes realized. This ICT Master Plan is designed to ensure that this potential is harnessed a lot more. The vision of the ICT Master Plan is to make Kenya a regional ICT hub and transition the country into a knowledge economy.

The Master Plan, which is aligned to Vision 2030, the Jubilee Manifesto and other policy documents will, among other things, help to create an enabling policy, legal and regulatory environment; provide e-government services that are simple to use and convenient for citizens and businesses; increase the productivity, effciency and effectiveness of critical economic sectors; stimulate the setup and growth of ICT-related businesses to enhance employment creation; enable and scale up ICT innovation; and develop a dynamic and robust ICT sector that will enhance socio-economic growth.

The Government will partner with the private sector and development partners to fund the variety of flagship projects planned for implementation during the plan period. I urge all the stakeholders to be committed and to play their part to ensure successful implementation of the ICT Master Plan for the beneft of all in this beautiful country,Kenya.