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Success Stories From Mission Cities Success Stories From Mission Cities

India Smart Cities: Success Stories from Mission Cities

As we are approaching the 2nd Anniversary of the Smart Cities Mission
(SCM), many of the Lighthouse Cities have succeeded in a wide gamut
of projects/ interventions. The present document captures some of the
important successes being achieved by these cities by way of: (A) Success
Stories – where the highlighted project/ intervention has been substantially
completed and (B) Upcoming Innovative Projects – where the city has done the
groundwork and is committed to undertake innovative interventions.
The projects/ interventions covered as part of this document include a variety
of areas on which the cities have focused, this includes:
• E-Governance, m-governance/ mobile applications, Common Payment
System etc.
• Command and Control Centres – covering and converging multiple sectors/
areas and departments
• Smart Transport/ traffic control/ Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System
• Heritage and placemaking – riverfront development, rejuvenation of lakes,
upgradation of parks/ eateries, open gym, retrofitting/ conservation of
• Smart roads/ streets/ Multi-Level Car Parking (MLCP)
• City Surveillance
• Smart Solid Waste Management
• Sanitation/ toilets/ E-toilets
• Solar power/ solar rooftop
• Social sector - Smart School
• Other smart solutions – pertaining to multiple sectors
The experiences documented by way of Success Stories and upcoming
innovative projects may be referenced by all stakeholders of the SCM,
especially the Fast Track and Round 2 cities, who in many cases will implement
similar interventions.