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NUHM community processes NUHM community processes

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Thrust areas under NUHM for states focus: Community Processes

The National Urban Health Mission approved in May 2013, addresses a hitherto unmet need of providing health care in urban areas.The main objective of NUHM is to “address the health concerns of the urban poor through facilitating equitable access to available health facilities by rationalizing and strengthening of the existing capacity of healthcare delivery for improving the health status of the urban poor” (NUHM Framework, 2013). Community Processes is integral to NUHM, to enable coverage of quality health services for the vulnerable and marginalized. The ASHA and the Mahila Arogya Samiti constitute the substance of the CP interventions under NUHM. This brochure is a follow up to the “Thrust Areas Under NUHM for States”, circulated in the Best Practices workshop held at Tirupati between August 29-August 31, 2016. That document highlighted the top ten activities that states are expected to focus on under the NUHM.

The contents of this document pertain to the key focus areas related to Community Processes under the NHM, and also narrates four best practices from the states of Delhi, Odisha, Telangana, and Chhattisgarh, that other states may wish to scale up, with appropriate adaptations to suit their contexts.