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India- UK Webinar : Technologies and Strategies for COVID-19 Recovery

Knowledge sharing with Indian smart cities that are practical, live, option to remain functional and relevant to the Covid-19 situation and customize and adoptable by the Indian cities by the UK companies. Covid-19 has presented the toughest challenge to the modern nations. The Urban province has been the greater recipient of the cause and is perhaps battling the toughest crisis. Every nation has adopted strategy at their end and took initiatives to help cities overcome this challenge. A number of these initiatives have made a marked difference in the way cities have responded to the crisis at hand and will continue to influence the post-pandemic urban planning and life in cities. A lot of the learnings and initiatives are now being scaled to other cities and towns through knowledge transfer and innovation. In continuation to their contribution in Urban development in India, the UK Government through the Department for International Trade proposed to partner with Smart Cities Mission, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs through two knowledge-sharing sessions with the UK companies and experts to present innovative solutions for managing the pandemic at city level.