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City Surveillance – Ahmedabad City Surveillance – Ahmedabad

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City Surveillance – Ahmedabad

The Smart City Mission has kept city safety component at an important priority and the city of Ahmedabad has planning for a technology based surveillance intervention to make the Ahmedabad a safer city to live in. The intervention is aimed at implementing a holistic and integrated video surveillance system for the city. This system shall also integrate with surveillance systems of different departments operation in the city with the objective of enhancing safety & security in the city and monitoring municipalassets. The system is intended to achieve the following objectives:
• Continuous monitoring of vital installations/ public places in the city for keeping eye on regular activities and for disaster management support
• Monitoring of suspicious people, vehicles, objects etc. for protecting life and property
• Support police to maintain law and order; help in deterring, detecting andthus dealing with criminal activities; and aid investigations
• Continuous monitoring of important municipal assets
• Attain faster turnaround time for municipal services through improved situational awareness
• Synergizing safety components with other Smart City components