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Case Study of Indian Urban Heritage Precincts Case Study of Indian Urban Heritage Precincts
Contributed by: Maulik Hajarnis

Managing Indian Urban Heritage Precincts Through ‘Heritage Guidelines’- A Case Study Of Deulwadi Precinct In Uran, Maharashtra

The present paper intends to justify ‘Heritage Guidelines’ as an effective to manage urban heritage precincts in Indian cities. First the basic concepts of Heritage, Urban Heritage, Heritage Precincts and the processes involved in the management of an Urban Heritage Precinct are taken into consideration. The process of heritage management becomes all the more difficult when it comes to the conservation of a Heritage Precinct situated in an urban area, because of several issues and concerns. These issues are explained briefly in the next section of the paper. The last section of the paper discusses how these issues of urban heritage management can be dealt with by exercising effectively the guidelines drafted for the conservation of the precinct under consideration. The discussion is supplemented with an overview of the project of ‘Preparation of Action Plan for Heritage Management of Deulwadi Precinct in Uran, Maharashtra’.