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Smart City Proposal Silvassa Smart City Proposal Silvassa
Silvassa Annexure Silvassa Annexure

The Smart City Challenge Round 4: Smart City Proposal Silvassa

‘Silvassa - A vibrant growth centre that offers an optimal balance between industrial prosperity and quality of life, while promoting its rich tribal heritage.’ By leveraging its strategically located industrial zone, dense city core, iconic riverfront and rich tribal legacy as key strengths, Silvassa aspires to be a thriving growth centre in the region between Mumbai and Gujarat. The city seeks to achieve this by improving access to its industrial areas, improving mobility conditions in the city centre, addressing all gaps in basic infrastructure, creating a clean and healthy urban environment, increasing avenues for art, culture and recreation, promoting skill development and using technology to provide smart governance. In-depth city profiling, direct citizen engagement, focused group discussions with stakeholders, administrative and political consultations were used to arrive at the city's vision (ref. annexure 3.7 for envisioning process).