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Landscape Review Mobile Education for Numeracy

This GIZ-commissioned landscape review focuses on mNumeracy interventions in early grades in low income countries. A search of the internet and academic journals, and correspondence with contacts within the mNumeracy space, resulted in the unearthing of a total of only 24 projects (from 12 countries) that fit the above criteria. This illustrates the paucity of such projects (or, at the very least, the lack of documentation about such projects).

The projects found have been mapped to the four key areas of focus for the review: Mathematics instruction and teaching and learning materials; teacher professional development; learning outcomes assessment; and parents and community involvement. The vast majority of projects are mapped to the learner instruction and materials focus area. There are a few projects relevant to teacher education, and only one project mapped to each of the other key areas. Six case studies have been chosen to outline in more detail; three for the key area Mathematics instruction, and teaching and learning materials; and one for each of the other key areas.