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India's Energy Storage Mission: A Make-in-India Opportunity for Globally Competitive Battery Manufacturing

Analysis by NITI Aayog and Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) indicates that domestic battery manufacturing to supply the transition to EVs is an important market opportunity for the Indian economy. It would bring economic and social benefits from reduced oil imports, improved public health, and increased integration of renewable energy supplies into the electric grid. This analysis estimates that 25–40 percent of the total economic opportunity represented by battery
manufacturing for India’s EV ambitions can be captured in India even under the least favorable scenario, where India imports all lithium-ion cells and assembles these cells into battery packs. As India’s battery manufacturing capabilities mature and supply chains are established, India will have the opportunity to produce both battery cells and packs, while importing only the cathode or its raw materials from mineral-rich regions. In this scenario, India stands to capture nearly 80 percent of the total economic opportunity