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Simplifying Delivery Of Social Security Benefits In Karnataka

Even though the Indian government has been making efforts to meet both promotional and protective social security needs such as housing, food and nutrition, education, health, old age, disability and death, “a coherent social protection policy framework is not yet in place” . The provision of social security is not yet universal, and is extended through a number of schemes implemented by different departments. A compendium of schemes3 prepared by GIZ (formerly GTZ) revealed that there were over 50 social security schemes implemented by different departments in Karnataka

The present research study, undertaken by the Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC) aims to find ways to simplify the process of delivery of social security schemes. The study therefore seeks to map and review the processes adopted from filling the application to its submission in order to avail key social security schemes in Karnataka. The objective is to identify those aspects in the delivery process (applications, documents and submission) that affect the access to social security schemes among unorganised workers and provide suggestions to policymakers.