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About the course About the course

E-learning: Sustainable Urban Mobility in Developing Countries

About this course: The course aims to enhance the capacity of local decision-makers and urban and transportation planners to formulate and implement appropriate policies that contribute to sustainability in urban transport in developing countries.

It allows an analysis of the important issues of sustainable transport including transport demand management, improved public and non-motorised transport, environmental protection, road safety, and gender in transport. In order to achieve sustainability, it also provides some means such as economic and financial instruments, institutional improvements, capacity building, regulation of markets and environmental standards.


  • Module 1: Urban growth and strategies for sustainable development
  • Module 2: Municipal mobility management
  • Module 3: Public transport services
  • Module 4: Management, financing and institutions
  • Module 5: Energy and environment
  • Module 6: Safety and social issues Successful completion of the course requires participants to achieve a total score of at least 70 per cent and entitles to a certificate of completion.

A certificate of participation will be issued to participants who took all the exercises but achieved a final score inferior to 70 per cent.

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