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Sanitation Tool Compendium Sanitation Tool Compendium
Contributed by: sujaya_613

Sanitation Tool Compendium

Sanitation, while a basic human right, is also a large and multifaceted sector that involves many different concepts and strategies. Often, projects related to sanitation are complex and require stakeholders to execute many different but crucial actions. Further, even existing projects need to be monitored to ensure that the need for sanitation is continuously met. Knowledge dissemination, capacity building and advocacy are also important elements to the sector. In order to tackle all the needs and requirements for planning, developing and maintaining sanitation projects, many tools have been developed that can provide much-needed support to the users. There exist a number of such tools but not enough knowledge about the same among practitioners, decision-makers, and other players in the sanitation value chain. This compendium aims at giving different stakeholders a brief understanding of the tools, their purpose(s) and how they can be applied.