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Byjus Case Study Byjus Case Study

Case study - Cultivating a love of learning in K-12 : BYJU’s : how a learning app is promoting deep conceptual understanding that is improving educational outcomes in India

Quality learning is important to prepare students to succeed in the jobs of tomorrow. Yet across the world, a Learning crisis is unfolding. Globally, enrollment gaps between high and low-income countries have narrowed significantly in basic and secondary education. But the World Bank’s 2018 World Development Report sounded the alarm that students in many communities are not learning basic skills while in school. BYJU’S is a technology platform of Think and Learn Private, Ltd., the largest for-profit provider of digital education content in India and the world. Good quality teachers are expensive and tend to be concentrated in large cities where there are more resources. School infrastructure is crumbling, adding to challenges for student learning. In addition, the learning culture is geared toward memorization to pass exams. BYJU’S hopes to bridge the learning gap and help students not only to pass the test, but also to develop a deeper level of understanding of complex math and science subjects. BYJU’S launched the app in August 2015. In only two and a half years, students from 1,700 cities in India and the Middle East have downloaded the app 15 million times. In December 2016, IFC acquired a minority equity stake to help the company expand its technology development and increase its offerings across India and internationally. In August 2017, it entered an elite group, becoming a Unicorn company, a startup that has grown to a value of over one billion US dollars. By helping students learn more profoundly and become proficient in math and science, the app is bridging major socio-economic divides and improving chances of upward social mobility that will help break the cycle of poverty. An educated and motivated population will spur innovation, pioneer the new jobs of the future, and make contributions to societies around the world, and BYJU’S wants to play a role