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Expectation from the Challenge

The proposed challenge invites solutions that address cleaning of choked sewer drains and septic tanks without any need for human entry in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Elimination of human entry into sewer drains and cleaning of the septic tank is the ultimate goal of this Challenge.

In order to address the challenge, technological solutions are needed. At the same time, it is imperative that any technological solution will have a handling mechanism and business model. Therefore, the proposed solutions which addressthe Whole-Of-System that coversthe entire value chain starting from the removal of the waste until its safe disposal and the related life cycle costs shall be given preference. Proposed solutions shouldoffer value addition by highlighting potential of recycling and reuse, energy efficiency and conservation.

Participants are encouraged to provide technology solutions that address the problems by augmenting already available technologies in the market, and propose robust business models to operate sewer and septic tanks cleaning in a cost-effective manner in Indian cities.

Essential elements of the submitted proposals

Each proposal needs to cover following dimensions

  • Technologies:

    Portable, low cost, low maintenance, miniature (it may not necessarily be a new invention, to fit in right of way constraint), modular, energy efficient, contextualized anduser-friendly.
  • Operational Models:

    Cover entire service value chain, safe removal,and disposal of waste by ensuring health and hygiene aspects of sanitary workers as well as public at large.
  • Business Models:

    sustainability for revenue generation, private sector engagement, and procurement processes.