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Gaia Smart Cities ( pron : Gaa-yaa) is the one of its kind Indian company that is pioneering in a National Grid for Internet of Things and innovative solutions for smart cities. Gaia offers services around consulting, networks, managed services and platforms. Gaia aims to help cities & Citizens, Government, Academia, and Industries to Design, Develop and Deploy products and solutions for a truly interconnected and intelligent city. Prasun has successfully contributed to smart city plans for submission to MoUD (Ministry of Urban Development) as part of the Smart Cities mission for Raipur, Varanasi and Jabalpur. Involved now with the Smart City PMC work. Have also worked on the ICT Design and Specifications for 2 Greenfield Smart Cities (DMICDC's Vikram Udyogpuri Limited at Ujjain, MP), and Tata Steel's private township Kalinganagar Project). Prasun is also actively pursuing partnerships for smart solutions implementation in the Indian Smart Cities marketplace, especially focusing on deploying city wide smart solutions using a (wireless) sensor network.