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Certificate of Incorporation

About Smart City Thiruvananthapuram Limited

The vision is for ‘a vibrant and alluring capital city that is inclusive, safe and accessible; and which respects its natural environment and celebrates its heritage and culture. Of the ₹1,521.9 crore, around 90%, ₹1,369.8 crore has been allocated to the Area Based Development component, which will focus on the core city area, comprising the East Fort- Chala- Thampanoor-Chenkalchoola stretch. Better public utilities, smart bus stops, efficient and diverse use of land, and projects to revive the cultural heritage of the capital city are part of the Smart City proposal for Thiruvananthapuram.

Projects under this component have been classified on the basis of five pillars — urban basic services, land-use efficiency, cultural identity and heritage, resilience and eco-friendliness, and socio-economic inclusiveness.


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