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Certificate of Incorporation

About Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited

Bhopal smart city development corporation limited (BSCDCL), is a company incorporated under Indian Companies Act 2013, with a sole objective of Planning and Implementing the “Smart city project” in Bhopal. The company is jointly owned by the Government of MP and is equally managed by Madhya Pradesh Urban Development Company Limited (MPUDCL) and Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC).


“Transforming city of lakes, its tradition and heritage which is a leading derivation for a smart, connected, and eco-friendly communities which can focus on education, research, entrepreneurship, and tourism”

Smart City Bhopal Mission and values

The smart city mission of the Government of India seeks to address the issue of urbanization through the transformation of selected cities. The intent is to create sustainable cities that can provide a good quality life to its citizens.

Bhopal has been amongst the 20 lighthouse cities with a dramatically different approach which is driven by ‘Redevelopment’ rather than ‘Retrofitting’.


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