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About PUNE Smart City Development Corporation Limited


Leveraging its rich cultural and natural heritage, strong human capital and strong business environment as key strengths, Pune aspires to become the most livable City in India by solving its core infrastructure issues in a “future proof” way and by making its neighborhoods beautiful, clean, green and livable.

Pune Smart cities Mission- unique concepts:

  • Identifying the true needs and views of the citizens through extensive citizen engagement, for which Pune has come up with an amazing Citizen Engagement Model with 9 different phases, probably the largest of its kind in the urban world, reach out to more than 50% of the city’s households.
  • Focus on ‘More with Less’ solutions - initiatives that have a high impact on quality of service and infrastructure but are less capital intensive and are easier to implement.
  • Focus on cities raising funds from own sources making the city’s infrastructure projects to become self-sustainable and not dependent on State or Central funds to develop city infrastructure.
  • Focus on low-cost Information-Communication & Technology (ICT) based solutions to improve quality of infrastructure.
  • Focus on implementability, feasibility and impact will ensures that plans and proposals made are not just paper plans but real, effective solutions that will actually solve the city’s problems.

Based on the above unique features Pune has been and would be steering the mission, we will kick-start the process of setting up the SPV and further go about implementing our entire smart city plan.