40+ new cities have embarked on a transformative journey to become walking-friendly, through Season 02 of the Streets4People Challenge, kickstarting from April 2022!

Parallelly cities across India are striving to create streets & public transport that are safe, attractive, and comfortable for all to commute! 
Check out the holistic progress cities are making…

Check out the Top 15 cities and their works!

Message from Visionaries

The journey to a nationwide transformation...

What are cities doing ?

Check out the Top 15 transformations!

Check out the Top 15 transformations!

Top 15 Cities by ITDP India on Scribd

How are cities doing it?

Test-Learn-Scale isn’t a new idea; applying it to the Indian context was.
The Streets4People challenge introduced this mantra to help cities create solutions that meet the needs of the people,
while also garnering citizen support.

Check this space for new updates as the cities continue to Test-Learn-Scale through the Stage-02 and inspire more cities for Season-02 of the Challenge!

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