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Request for proposal For Setting up of Water ATM for Safe Drinking Water including Designing, financing, constructing / installing, operating and maintaining of Water ATMs and vending at Public Places through Public Private Partnership (PPP) at designated locations under “Smart City Mission” at Gandhinagar City.

As part of the smart city plan Gandhinagar Smart City Development Limited will like to make drinking water widely available at public places in city of Gandhinagar. This project will allow potable water to be supplied to the consumer in his/her container. This proposal will be essential for betterment of environment as the use of consumer's container would avoid the waste due to plastic / bottles. GSCDL intends to invite request for proposal for setting up of water ATM with finished water quality as per IS 10500-2012 specification of drinking water.

GSCDL invites detailed proposals for installing water ATMs to provide safe drinking water at public places.

The concessionaire would be responsible for designing, financing, constructing/installing, operating and maintaining of water ATMs and vending of water from Water ATMs for a period as stipulated in the Concession Agreement subject to his fulfilling the requirements set out in this RFP.