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Request for Proposal: Asset Management System for Road Network of Pune City

Pune city has the privilege of being one of the foremost cities in the competition for Smart Cities held under the SMART Cities Mission of Govt of India. Pune Smart City Development Corporation Ltd (PSCDCL) formed as SPV UNDER Smart Cities mission is taking initiative to implement Asset Management System for Road network of Pune city as part of Pan City initiative. The project shall be implemented in coordination with the Pune Municipal Corporation Road department and PSCDCL Authorities. PSCDCL has taken up pilot projects under various categories to demonstrate its vision towards Smart cities. Under the area based development programme, during the Smart City project report (prepared by Mckinsey) submitted to the Central Government, Roads are amongst the most important assets for any urban local body, such as the PMC/ PSCDCL. A system that enables the Road department to manage road related information is desired. Such a system shall also act as the base for a decision support system, which would help the Road department make crucial decisions about prioritization of roads with regard to repair and maintenance, especially given that the resources allocated to the department to do so are limited.

The needs of Road maintenance management are addressed through a software tool termed Road Asset Management System (RAMS). A RAMS is a technical or operational method for managing or directing and
controlling maintenance resources, in a scientific manner, for optimum benefits.

The purpose of the project is:
• To collect a detailed inventory of Road information, duly validated and cleaned.
• To create a centralized repository of this information, centrally controlled and accessible to relevant
• To integrate the solution with Enterprise GIS.
• To create a decision support system for taking various maintenance management decisions for the road
network by integration with a standard Asset Management Software.