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Call for Papers: Special Issue on Cities & Climate Change

Partial Date: 2017CE Sep 1st
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In light of the critical importance of cities and climate change as an emerging area of research, Urbanisation announces a Special Issue on Cities & Climate Change to respond to identified gaps in knowledge on the role of cities and regions in limiting global temperature rise to 1.5oC.
This Issue will be released in March 2018.

The special issue aims to bring together a diverse set of scholars and practitioners to write about one of the most important scientific and policy challenges of our times—sustainable urbanisation and climate change, in the context of the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global mean temperature rise to well below 2oC above pre-industrial levels. The issue will also discuss Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the New Urban Agenda of Habitat III, and the Sendai agreement on Disaster Risk Reduction.

In seeking to bridge these knowledge gaps, the journal invites papers that engage with the following areas:

  • Deepening climate science and urban mitigation and adaptation linkages
  • Estimating climate exposure, differential vulnerability and risk
  • Identification of climate change and extreme event impacts
  • Identification of the nexus between climate mitigation and adaptation and the SDGs
  • Identification of Deep Decarbonisation Pathways (DDCP) for Cities and Regions
  • Identification of urban and regional adaptation options
  • Identification of contradictions, conflicts and potential synergies between the SDGs, disaster risk reduction and resilience building agendas; and climate adaptation and mitigation options at multiple scales
  • Estimation of economic, ecological and social costs of climate change for urban populations and benefits of mitigation and adaptation
  • Assessment of governance, legal, regulatory and institutional capacities: to enable urban climate change adaptation and mitigation within local, regional and national governments across various types of settlements in the context of SDG and DRR implementation
  • Assessment of climate financing needs, frameworks and instruments to enable local, regional and national urban climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Assessment of implementation, monitoring and learning capacities
  • Case studies of successful implementation and scaling up of climate action