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Request for Proposal for Selection of Master System Integrator (MSI) for Implementation of various Smart ICT Solutios at Nashik under the Smart Cities Mission.

Smart City Nashik envisages establishing various initiatives with strong ICT backbone for seamless experience for residents, employees and other stakeholders with reduced energy consumption and reduced environmental stress. As a part of its Vision Smart City Nashik shall cater to ever evolving necessities of a metropolis to qualify as a noteworthy Smart City.  Following are the features that shall be considered during the course of the projects which needs to be implemented:

  1. Smart Elements
  2. Nashik Environmental Monitoring System
  3. Integrated IT Solutions
  4. Smart City Operations Centre  
  5. Digital Experience Gallery
  6. Intelligent Traffic Management System 

Note: Maharashtra IT Corporation, is in the process of documenting and publishing a tender that would cover implementation of CCTV project for surveillance, Wi-Fi along with setting up Optical Fiber Connectivity across Nashik.