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Request for Proposal Request for Proposal

Request For Proposal For Selection Of Consultant For Appointment Of Planning Consultant For Green And Blue Master Plan For Bhopal Smart City

Along with the Bhopal Municipal Corporation, the Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited has decided to establish Bhopal as a model city for an integrated green and blue master plan. The vision is to make Bhopal one of the most livable cities and have high lifestyle indicators. The integrated green and blue master plan is not only to improve the living standards of the citizens but also develop a sustainable smart growth approach for the city. The goal of the integrated green and blue master plan and the vision for the city is to set Bhopal on the international map. This will not only make Bhopal the most livable city in the country but will also create conditions for local and international businesses to thrive in the city as well in the neighboring region. The larger aim is to set Bhopal as the place for people centric development and a cultural hub for arts, architecture, crafts and natural heritage.