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Solapur RFP toilet Solapur RFP toilet

Request for Proposal for Installation of 40 E-Toilets at 20 locations in ABD area under Smart City in Solapur

Solapur City Development Corporation Limited (“SCDCL” or “Authority”) invite proposals for installation, operation and maintenance of 40 E-Toilets at 20 locations in the area selected for Area Based Development under the Smart Cities Mission in Solapur (the “ABD Area”)through Public Private Partnership (“PPP”) mode on Design, Build, Operate and Transfer (“DBOT”) basis (the “Project”).

E- Toilet or electronic toilet system shall be a modular, pre-fabricated public toilet made of appropriate material suitable to the local conditions and is integrated with user-friendly electronic interfaces. These are sophisticated unmanned, automated and have remote monitoring capabilities and its health status can be tracked over web